4D Chess

Released: December 2020

Null & Void Games brings a new Chess variant to the table: 4D Chess, adding a new dimension to chess.

Are you ready to thinking beyond rank and file, beyond elevation, taking chess beyond 3D into the 4th Dimension.

The standard piece moves have been generalised into three and four dimensions, retaining their familiar vectors but extrapolating these behaviours.

Download the game to try it out. With a comprehensive guide, once you master the piece movement patterns the game is free to play and ad-free. If you need additional help with the move patterns, the game comes with a limited but hourly-increasing number of hints.

If you want more hints, watching a quick advert will net you 100 additional hints. Alternatively, a one-time fee is enough to get infinite hints and play the game with the movement patterns perpetually highlighted.

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